Research Associate

Research Associate Membership program offers other organizations the opportunity to participate in and contribute to our research efforts. Research Associate Members are essential partners in research with NCSUCTIP faculty, staff, and students. The member organizations benefit from collaboration with NCSUCTIP and participation in research efforts that advance the state of the art in tree breeding and forest genetics. Many universities have research programs in molecular biology of forest trees, and dozens of applied tree breeding programs exist. The NCSUCTIP is unique in the level of effort focused on integrating these disciplines to bring the most advanced technologies of biological and chemical research into application in tree improvement programs.

Research Associate Members can:
• Support and participate in the research and technology transfer activities of the NCSUCTIP
• Request research and technical assistance from NCSUCTIP faculty and staff
• Contribute to setting research priorities of the NCSUCTIP
• Attend NCSUCTIP meetings, relevant workshops, and short courses
• Obtain research reports, publications, and related material through a members-only section of the NCSUCTIP website
• Funds paid by Research Associate Members are primarily used to fund research projects and support graduate students. Minimum dues are $5900.

Cooperative Research Areas:
• Biofuels/Bioenergy
• Molecular marker applications in breeding
• Wood quality
• Disease resistance
• Drought tolerance
• Clonal forestry
• Statistical modeling and data analysis
• Seed Orchard Management and Tree Breeding