Reforestation opportunities for southern landowners are numerous. If a landowner's primary objective is to invest in plantation management for financial returns, then planting genetically improved loblolly pine seedlings will be the optimal choice more often than not. Loblolly pine is an extremely resilient species and is broadly adapted to most sites. We do not attempt to present all options for reforestation. The decision to invest in planting versus natural regeneration is one that each landowner must make based on thier own objectives with the advice from a professional forester. All TIP Members would have the access to the genetic information you are seeking for your regeneration planting for loblolly pine in the Southeast.

While investigating your options, please take a look at the following publications:

Here are a couple of informational PDF files that we have complied to help communicate the importance and potential benefits of understanding and knowing the genetics you plant on your lands.