We have done many things over the 55 years.  Below is a list of achievements the program has accomplished and how we have contributed to field of forestry and science in general.

Impact of the Cooperative

  • 78% of the nations’ tree planting is by landowners in the southern US.  Over 60% of this regeneration is with genetically improved loblolly pine from the NC State University Cooperative Tree Improvement Program.
  • $50 to over $300 net present value per acre to landowners simply by planting the best genotypes that are currently available from commercial and state forest nurseries.
  • $16.8 million, the total direct contribution (2009 dollars) to NC State University from the forest product company, state forestry agency, and forest landowner members of the Cooperative Tree Improvement Program.
  • In-kind support for our research programs via field trials and access to germplasm, estimated to be $170 million over the past 55 years.
  •  Over $7.6 million in competitive grants in just the last 10 years.
  • 226 graduate students studied and received Masters and PhD degrees with Cooperative faculty.
  • 66 post-docs and visiting scientists from 34 countries from 5 continents have also studied and conducted research with us.
  • 848 papers, 293 published in refereed journals signify the intellectual contribution of Cooperative students, scientists, staff, and collaborators to forestry, tree improvement, and biological sciences.
  • 16,239 control crosses among loblolly pine selections have been established in field trials.1139 tons of improved loblolly pine seed produced by the Cooperative members - enough seed to plant over 26 billion seedlings over the past 50 years.
  • 7511 selections established in Genetic Diversity Archives to conserve the precious loblolly pine genetic resource for future generations of breeders and foresters.
  • 2300 acres of advanced-generation seed orchards, intensively managed to produce genetically improved seeds that will assure a reliable, affordable, and ecologically sustainable supply of wood for decades to come.